Meet Walkitate ® Founder Tracy Tilson

I came up with the idea for Walkitate on a walk. Naturally.

I’ve always loved walking and enjoy this form of movement to stay fit, clear my head, and get inspired. One day about two years ago, I finished a walk in my Boca Raton, Florida neighborhood and realized I’d been “in the flow.” My breath was steady. I was tuned in to my surroundings. My mind wasn’t racing through my list of to-dos; instead, I was visualizing my biggest dreams for my work and personal life coming true. It was a walk that made me feel refreshed and inspired. This walk that prompted me to launch Walkitate.

Everyone has the power to turn walking into an opportunity for personal growth. Walkitate is both a platform that supports the mindful walking community, and it’s something we all can do.

There is scientific evidence proving walking’s ability to improve our lives. You’re probably familiar with the health benefits: Walking has been shown to boost cardiovascular health, strengthen bones, fight disease-causing inflammation, and so much more. Researchers at Stanford University found that walking significantly boosts creativity. In fact, study subjects who walked and then performed creativity tests – such as rapidly coming up with alternative uses for common objects – performed 60% better than those who were sedentary.

What makes Walkitating different is that it’s walking with intention. When you Walkitate, you’re tapping into your inherent ability to be creative, solve problems, and feel the same kind of bliss that often results from meditating. Simply put, Walkitate is a great way to get even more out of your walks.

Discover Walkitate – and make it Worth the Walk.